people fall in love with Nepali Music since 2017.

J Music Television is Nepal’s First Music Television in high definition with Cable Television License from Ministry of Information and Communication (MOIC). Using the industry standard and latest broadcast technology, since then has been renowned as the new genre specific television.

J Music HD provides seamless broadcasting, high quality audio visuals, wide variety of music genre that Nepali Music Lovers was missing on its local market. With an aim of compensating the compulsion of Nepali Music Lovers to watch International Music Channels, J Music got established as a background channels on the public places like Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Coffee Shops, Gym etc in a short span of time. Thus, J Music nowadays is being considered as a complete showcase of updates and developments in Nepali Music Industry and a purely Nepali Music Television where 24 hours entertainment is guaranteed.

Advanced Media Plan

Coverage and Distribution

Being under the Cable TV License from MOIC, J Music is being widely distributed over all the MSO’s like Clear TV, Max TX, Mero TV, DOEN TV, Smart Digital TV. Similarly, its available on IPTV platforms like Net TV, Via TV, Clear TV, Broad TV, Direct Terrestrial TV like Kanchan Sky Wireless Digital TV and OTT apps like Wowtime.

Likewise, J Music with its collaboration and co-branding with Clear TV has been a showcase channel at

  • All Bhatbhateni Stores in Kathmandu

  • 100 + popular and happening restaurants, bar, discotheques in Kathmandu Valley

  • 10+ gym/ fitness centre and saloons

  • 15 + Multibrand TV showroom & stores